Makumu Private Game Lodge

Imagine yourself enjoying dinner in the boma at Makumu Private Game Lodge

Makumu Private Game Lodge  

Is an intimate oasis in this vast wilderness, surrounded by the harshness, unpredictability and unspoiled appeal of the African bushveld.

Welcome to the Home of Endless Views (Makumu means ‘endless view’ in the Xitsonga language).

Six luxurious and beautifully appointed suites in three villas, accommodating a maximum of twelve guests, ensure an exclusive blend of absolute comfort, style and privacy. Inspired by the Bushman, Ndebele and Zulu tribes of Africa, the suites are decorated with their own unique character. Each is large and spacious, offering a King Suite and smaller Impi Suite. 

Game viewing at Makumu is opportunistic, with no time constraints nor schedules. The highly skilled ranger and tracker team offer morning and afternoon game drives, walking, tracking and quiet observation from a hide - all part of the Makumu experience. Makumu Private Game Lodge has also recently introduced a photographic bunker, sunken below ground and overlooking a watering hole, offering guests the opportunity to photograph wildlife coming to the water to cool down or drink, at ground level.

Klaserie Game Reserve

Is one of the largest privately owned big five nature reserves in South Africa, covering some 60 000 hectares (or 148,000 acres) and forming part of the Greater Kruger National Park. Only an hour's flight or scenic drive from Johannesburg puts this special part of the Greater Kruger National Park on your doorstep.

The Klaserie Game Reserve was established in 1972 as part of the greater Kruger National Park. This vast tract of preserved land has some beautiful trees and riverine vegetation near the magnificent Klaserie River. It has an open fenceless border to the Kruger National Park in the north, and the Timbavati to the south-east.

The Klaserie also protects sustainable populations of many endangered species such as wild dog, saddle-billed storks and southern ground hornbills. This is a raw wilderness experience. With limited lodges and vehicles, this is the original non-commercialised safari experience


6 luxury suites with uninterrupted views of the African bushvelt

Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari
Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari

The three villas have themes as below and there is a King Suite and an Impi Suite in each of the villas.

Bushman Villa. The bow and quiver of arrows will leave you in no doubt as to the theme of this room, from the earthy colours of the bed cover to the printed bedding. Leather, eggshell beadwork, bows and arrows were functional fingerprints which defined their simplistic yet inspiring way of life. Very few traditional Bushmen are alive today, but the legacy of these amazing people is still very much felt across the continent and is proudly showcased in our Bushman suites.

Ndebele Villa. Decorated with a contemporary African theme, in bold and vibrant earthly colours, our Ndebele Suites offer warmth, solitude and elegance. It is the southern Ndebele’s typically striking, artistic and colourful flair that inspired these two suites’ décor. These beautiful geometric designs define a Ndebele household, celebrating the matriarch’s warmth, hospitality, personality and individuality within the community.

Zulu Villa. Decorated in the theme of the Zulu, our Zulu suites offer spaciousness, elegance and seclusion. Warfare and decoration were a central pillar within the Zulu tradition, and typical décor consists of spears and shields, as well as colourful beads. The vitality and energy of Zulu people, typified through dance, storytelling and a strong sense of identity is very much evident in modern times and in our Zulu suites. Overlooking the camp waterhole, the game viewing holds spectacular potential.


Spend time relaxing in this bath with a view, you wont want to get out!

Lodge Facilities

Photographic Bunker Looking for a different photographic perspective? Makumu's ground-level photographic bunker offers the opportunity to be at eye level with the water to take spectacular shots of wildlife visiting the watering hole. This is the perfect vantage point for the perfect shot!. Very few lodge have this to offer

The Boma Our unique floating boma is an iconic Makumu fingerprint. Set high above the leopard river and the plains beyond, it is a stunning location for candlelit dinners, stargazing and warm campfire story-swapping. 

The Pool For a cool refreshing swim to escape the hot African sun, the pool at Makumu is ideal. Built as a feature to blend in with the surrounding bushveld, it is perfect for the warm lazy days of summer to cool off and watch various wildlife at the watering hole with a similar idea.

Massages Enjoy an unwinding massage from our in-house therapist, Lindo. Her magical hands will help you to rejuvenate and relax, either from the privacy of your suite or on the upper deck of the lodge. Listen to the sounds of the bush below as you drift off, the ultimate sound of tranquility. 

Outdoor Shower What better way to immerse yourself in the bush experience than to wash away city life in our outdoor shower? With Healing Earth body products and a door to keep the privacy, showering in the great outdoors gives a feeling of being at one with nature, something we strive to give our guests.

Outdoor Fitness Area The lodge offers a small outdoor fitness area on the upper deck overlooking the Klaserie. Work up a sweat on our treadmill, rowing machine or cycling machine, or simply relax with some yoga using our yoga mats. Keeping fit has never has never looked so good.

Wi-Fi Guests have access to complimentary Wi-Fi in rooms and lounge areas

Enjoying the lodge

Makumu Private Game Lodge is quite unique...

  • Intimate lodge with only 6 luxury suites
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable game rangers and trackers
  • Big Five game viewing with good sightings
  • Perfectly positioned overlooking the African bushvelt
  • Easy access by road and air

Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari
Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari

Safari activities

Inyati offers a truly authentic safari experience.

  • Game Drives Conducted twice daily or as you prefer, in open Land Rovers with an armed ranger and a tracker, normally conducted early morning and late afternoon to search for the more elusive and nocturnal animals by spotlight. Game viewing opportunities abound. From the early morning birdlife as the sun peeks over the horizon, to our resident warthog family that frequents the lodge lawns during the day as well as the elephant herds that choose to quench their thirst in our swimming pool, there is always the possibility of a sighting.
  • Walking Safari Join the highly skilled guides on foot to track big game in the surrounds, from antelope to elephant and experience the ultimate feeling of being one with the African bushveld. A fresh footprint in the dust, the faint sound of a breaking branch, wet mud rubbed on a tree, the presence of birds or a sudden quiet in the air are all part of the tracking experience. The senses are heightened searching for clues, sounds or smells to indicate an animal is nearby.
  • Hide Spend quiet time in our hide overlooking the watering hole and watch as the wildlife come and go to quench their thirst in the hot African sun. For the more adventurous, the treehouse also provides guests with endless views of the Klaserie as well as the opportunity to spot wildlife from up high!
  • Photography Looking for a different photographic perspective? Makumu's ground-level photographic bunker offers the opportunity to be at eye level with the water to take spectacular shots of wildlife visiting the watering hole. This is the perfect vantage point for the perfect shot!
  • Helicopter Flights Experience one of the panorama route sightseeing and adventure flights by helicopter.

Dining at Makumu

Makumu is part of the Seven Group and we they lucky to have some amazing chefs in their kitchen. The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home and at Makumu the kitchen is exactly that! A warm and friendly gathering place, the open style invites guests in for a chance to peak in a pot and savour the pre-dinner fragrances while choosing a fabulous wine from our extensive list to compliment the upcoming meal. Some of the chefs favourites include Ostrich fillet with berry and red wine reduction, venison poitjie and for the sweeter of tooth, white and dark chocolate mousse with chocolate crumb and chilli orange syrup – to mention but a tantalizing few!

Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari
Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari

Making a difference

Electricity Sources.The lodge has minimal electricity as it is powered by candlelight at night. International plug points are available in all suites. All rooms have fans and aircons. Each night, our lodge is completely lit up with 300 scented candles and lanterns during the evening hours, making the dining area and your room look (and smell) like something out of a fairy tale!

Makumu Private Game Lodge supports Eco Children, a non-profit organisation that was initiated by the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve which focuses on hands-on environmental education and whole school development.

Eco Children operates in the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in South Africa, areas with some of the country’s most severe social and environmental issues. Their aim is to sow seeds of change, empowering children by increasing their awareness of conservation; stimulating their desire to learn; improving their learning environment; improving the quality of their education; and providing opportunities for talented learners. By stimulating an interest in nature and improving learning environments, they strive to have a positive impact on environmental awareness and education amongst the youth in these areas, leading to better conservation and economic outcomes for South Africa.<

Makumu Private Game Lodge has been a proud supporter of Eco Children for several years, and due to the increase in guest requests for community projects to visit during their stay, they have now added an Eco Children tour to the list of activities in the area. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to meet the team that is so passionate about this project, meet some of the teachers as well as the children and of course see the school itself. This really gives guests a great experience of the local community, get to know the incredible Eco Children team, and delve deep into this fantastic project. <

Makumu Private Game Lodge with Go Safari

Located on a hill Makumu Lodge has stunning views over the African bushvelt

This is a Low Risk Malaria area.

Let Go SAfari design a Big 5 safari for you!

Allow our experience to work for you

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